New Member Classes

Membership Matters: Protecting and Promoting the Gospel

Membership Matters is a series of classes for anyone interested in becoming a member at Providence Baptist Church. These classes are offered seasonally, so please check the church calendar or with the pastor for when the next series will be available. 

Scheduled Classes

Membership Matters Classes are ad hoc classes that typically take place on Sundays from 9:30 a.m.-10:15 a.m. 

Class One: PBC’s Statement of Faith 

Class Two: PBC’s Church Covenant

Class Three: Why Become a Church Member? 

Class Four: Church History, Mission, and Outreach

Class Five: Life Together 


Membership is not about creating an exclusive club within the church. Membership is about commitment: your commitment to a local church and that church's commitment to you. Membership, belonging to a church and that church belonging to you, is Jesus' discipleship program for his church. It's the most helpful way to ensure that a person in a local congregation understands and believes the gospel, and is connected to a way of life that's committed to following Jesus. 

Being a member of a church ensures that you are accounted for by your church and shepherded by its pastors and loved by its members. It allows you to express your faith in the gospel message, communicate your agreement with the church's teachings, and declare your commitment to living out your faith, serving your church, and proclaiming the gospel message. Because of this, church membership allows your church to confidently entrust you with ministry responsibilities and opportunities within the body of Christ. 

All of this equips and empowers you to protect the gospel from falsehood and to promote the gospel in the world around you. Since we are a congregationally ruled church, our church members are entrusted with the responsibility of deciding on and agreeing on church matters that impact the witness and work of the church. Such items include, but are not limited to, the election of church officers (Pastors and Deacons) and approving an annual church budget.


Becoming a member at Providence Baptist Church requires three things. 

  1. It requires that you understand and believe the gospel for yourself.
  2. It requires that you have been baptized in response to your genuine belief in the gospel. If you seek to become a member and have yet to be baptized, part of your process will include being baptized as a public demonstration of your decision to follow Christ.
  3. Finally, requires that you affirm our Statement of Faith, commit to living out our church covenantand participate in our membership classes. 

If you would like to inquire about becoming a member of Providence Baptist Church, please e-mail Pastor Daniel Eichelberger at