Jesus Is King:

Sermons on the Gospel of Matthew

We need a real king. 

And Jesus is that King. Come and meet him through the preaching of Matthew's Gospel, where you'll find Jesus to be the fulfillment of Scripture, the long-awaited Messiah, and the only and true righteous Savior of the world. 

He's everything you need and more. Come and join us as we worship King Jesus every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. at Providence Baptist Church. 

Date Scripture Title Preacher
4/25 Matthew 2:19-23 Salvation and Sovereignty Daniel Eichelberger
5/2 Matthew 3:1-12 Why Did Jesus Come? Part 1 Daniel Eichelberger
5/9 Matthew 3:13-17 Why Did Jesus Come? Part 2 Daniel Eichelberger
5/16 Matthew 4:1-11 Why Did Jesus Come? Part 3 Daniel Eichelberger
5/23 Matthew 4:12-22 Follow Me Daniel Eichelberger
5/30 Matthew 4:23-25 The Gospel of the Kingdom Daniel Eichelberger
6/6 Matthew 5:1-2 The Sermon on the Mount Daniel Eichelberger
6/13 Matthew 5:3-6 Black Gold! (Part 1) Daniel Eichelberger
6/20 Luke 10:1-12 On a Mission with God David Young, McLean Bible Church
6/27 Jude 24-25 Him Who Is Able Mike McKinley, Sterling Park Baptist Church
7/4 Psalm 90 Living Now in Light of Forever David Gough, Grace Bible Church
7/11 Proverbs 14:12 The Right Path Eric Slechter
7/18 Matthew 5:7-12 Black Gold! (Part 2) Daniel Eichelberger
7/25 Matthew 5:13-16 Taste and See Daniel Eichelberger
8/1 Matthew 5:17-20 Exceptional Righteousness Daniel Eichelberger
8/8 Matthew 5:21-26 Deep Demands Daniel Eichelberger
8/15 Matthew 5:27-30 One-Eyed, One-Handed Sinners Daniel Eichelberger